Educational Policies

"Five Senses Education in Nature"

Pursuing each season, the children will learn by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, experiencing and learning directly from nature.
Based on Honmoku Sancho Park, we grow vegetables and flowers in the garden, and once a week, we repeat valuable experiences over three years, such as taking an excursion to Shonan Kamakura to allow the children absorb the experiences. We also include a curricula such as music, art, recitations, the ninja school, extracurricular excursion, and English training and many others to stimulate and enhance the potential of the children from a variety angles at Kaijunomori.

Message from the Director

Our only wish is to entrust to our children through the Kaijunomori is to empower them to live a happy life.

This is our only wish.
To do that, the children must be given three powers of life. I want the children to become adults who can delve into themselves throughout life. I want the children to cultivate their naturally born qualities and to be honest about their style, personality, and the feelings that will well up within them naturally.

I want the children to be careful to use their growing imagination and to live creatively.

We have a unique curriculum called the five-senses education in nature so that children can gain the power to live. We want to watch our children grow up with your family going through each three years at the Kaijunomori preschool, one year each at the preschool Uzura, and the Tamago Club, and six years at Five Senses Kids after graduating from the preschool, for a total of 11 years.

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